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6 savvy ways to biz-bond at workplace

Build sound cross-functional teams: The focus here should be on getting onboard best available combination of talent, skills. Rather just pouring in people from diverse disciplines. Better with trend analysis done. Filter select those with proven track and maturity records. Maturity because many times businesses fall apart not due to

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Pros and cons of having a daily routine

Let me walk you through some pros and cons of having a daily routine. Pros: You set for yourself a nearly productively permanent platform, Once installed,you start helping those in immediate layer with sustainable benefits, There is no looking back and the road only takes you ahead, Scope for

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Zero-cost staycation picks to secure your online business ๐Ÿ‘

Say you have a successful online business. Today is your day to release that weekly post.By hit of a button. And you are on a planned holiday. The wifi suddenly gives away. Follow these mindful hacks if you loose WI-fI connectivity all of a sudden, Go to check your

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