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2 words that set apart a class of successful entrepreneurs from the usual swarm is


Ingratitude successfully beams over the top appearing and prevalent in the online world for several reasons:

Benefit of Anonymity:

Online anonymity allows people to express themselves without fear of immediate consequences, which can sometimes lead to more negative or ungrateful behavior. So here starts a layer of safe insulation ,but recurring trysts of this kind starts to put you in the non-human bandwidth.

Feeling of Disengagement:

Tired of annoying noises outside. Charming urban woman in leather jacket covering ears and feeling irritation from loud repairing works, expressing dislike, frowning and looking aside frustrated. Emotions concept

Online interactions create a sense of real-time detachment from the real world and the people behind the screens, making it easier to be ungrateful. So get here INTO some humanistic MODE with .Rest awhile to know about the Power Moves Successful People Resonate By Or easily adopting the USE and THROW approach. So, visibly and evidently the festivities merely remain a formal wishing process. You upload a picture image, select and paste it. Send and done. Even the time for a personal message of a line of two is less available now. But sufficient time is at disposal to invest into source and upload a dead image message is still in abundance. Very less human.

Information Overload Influx:

The vast amount of information and content available online can make people take things for granted. The original property of selective attention and choice is well diluted that too way deep. Leading to DEFICIT in layers of gratitude for valuable resources and knowledge.

In addition to the information influx in its unstoppable cruise, let us also know a bit on Environment by just a dip in websiteplanet.com/blog/best-green-web-hosting-services/

Impersonal Communication:

Online communication often lacks the personal touch of face-to-face interaction. No doubt JEFF BEZOS used to discourage use of conventional PPT to conduct business meetings. Truly, power point presentations lack the human touch. The ppt. is routine, generic and so damn COMMONPLACE MATERIAL. Making it easier for people to be insensitive or ungrateful in their responses. easily breaching the scope of human connection with your customer and his needs. Values of respect, age, sense of belonging are all turning into adage. The distance is high and time perceived is less, so the need to think again on possible consequence of an unmindful revert is not existent. With the advent of WA greeting , the customary respectful greeting is diminishing. Every person is nearly thinking he or she is chatting/talking to a bot at the other end. AND we are turning into becoming larger than life BOTS infact.

Social Media Comparison:

Social media platforms pronounce certain aspects of other people’s lives. Creating unrealistic expectations. FUEL NEGATIVE OR UNHEALTHY feelings of envy. So instead of being a helpful directory of goal setting domain, these inject people with feelings that leave then feeling LOW DUE TO COMPARISON . Gratitude hurled far away on a TOSS. No worries, get ready to ingest these 24 chill-pills so motivation serves you every dawn

Polarization Effect:

Online discussions hold potential to turn away from Striking WIN-WIN Situations . I ALONE HAVE THE CAKE AND EAT IT TOO JUST WONT WORK NOW. Sense of acknowledgment and APPRECIATION for opposing viewpoints is undergoing erosion. Read the book 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by Stephen Covey. To rekindle your spark of Purpose.

Short Attention Spans:

Attention spans running into few seconds. The fast-paced nature of online interactions has led to readymade bubble of impatience. Lack of time for appreciation of original and SELF-HELP laden content. There are several channels and media handles to look at at the same time in a definite slot of time at disposal.

Cultivating the mindset of gratitude and empathy in online spaces surely paves the path to aid help , positive support, and start to offset negative thought pattern mills.

Ramp Up Notes:

Shortened Attention Span, Missing Customer Delight , Distraction borne Media Handles.

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