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Pros and cons of having a daily routine

Let me walk you through some pros and cons of having a daily routine.


You set for yourself a nearly productively permanent platform,

Once installed,you start helping those in immediate layer with sustainable benefits,

There is no looking back and the road only takes you ahead,

Scope for good time management,

Start picking more skills on the way.

Ways journaling sharpens your online business

Nurture, house and hone them,

You keep getting better at time management (so 24 hours dont fall short),

Maybe time to write down your core values.

Crystallize and re-fine them as growth starts changing it outline.

Turn them into goals,

All can now run with flexibility and in all 4 dimensions.4th being time.


Using a routine checklist may soon not be cool. Will restrict you the freedom of capturing lateral, insights,

Encourages procastination with too much unproductive time at disposal,

Reduces opportunities for renewed recognition as it narrows down the range of thought,

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Dips to reduce social bondings,

Generates a plateau,

All about fine tuning eventually,

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