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8 morning riders as your positive mind influencers

Get and go by these eight morning riders to help you get in RHYTHM,

1.Sink in globule of gratitude (with a prayer).This is the mental conditioning part of pre-start run,

2.Do that occasional yet rewarding stretch,

3.Get to your hydration zone,

6 good practices that renew your hydration model

4.Prime your mind to possible challenges. Remind yourself of Expect the Unexpected. Be ready for eventualities after the mental training gig,

5.Put your time management cap on. Expect rocky terrains in between the green landscape. Pause judiciously. Mentally map time-blocking in advance.

Abraham Lincoln Quote- “You give him 6 hours to cut a tree and he will spend 5 hours in sharpening the axe.”

Overhead is one of my quotes to help you apply workday momentum,,,

6.Inflate with pure energy (inspiration from birds),

7.Do a workout of moderate intensity but regularly, ( GET a good Chris Heria bodyweight workout regimen installed – get his video here) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy7WYljI2YM

8.Reach out to treat expected risks as priority,

9.Eat my toads for the day in early hours of the workday,

P.S. :Let me know your thoughts. Appreciate your inputs. So all audience learns here,

Let it be a 3 way loop.