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Top ways to control impatience while waiting for something important or expecting that awaited call.

Impatience Mindgames: It is the mindgame. So slow your racing mind. We are patience deficient and our current life choices lead it. Wait, sit down in a couch with some engaging material to read. Rub your hands. Give yourself a generous stretch or loosen your neck. Rotate your shoulders. Reach

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Top productivity takeaways for Mompreneurs

In quoting others , we cite ourselves- Julio Cortazar Smart Investment: Bring home some animated toys that will engage the child, transform-your-space-into-a-super-productive-wfh-bubble/ Educational aid: Get posters of animals such as dog, cats, horse, elephant. Work-parenting woes : You know the time to feed. So schedule this well. It will save

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Digital marketing do’s to drive your hustle volume

Digitization today-more about attention spans and creativity Robust Business Support: Collaborate with stakeholders to better know their needs and challenges. Use data and Analytics to determine optimum solutions for driving growth and accordingly design strategy for delivering to their needs and for economic expansion. Perfect E-mail length: According to Neil

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