Well being Uplift

On simple ways to manage optical health by device exposure

Upkeeping Optical health of IT Workers by effectively managing device dominance. This is a widespread occupational health concern for many of us. Jobs are ,but human organs are irreplaceable.

Here I rollout few practical dices for you so that they bring timely solace.

Takeaway these few simple ones. These are ones you might have heard of earlier. I am glad to buildup on these solutions for your specific needs,

1.Irrigate your eyes with cold or room temperature water intermittently. Just splash it. Watch this video to capture the energy and insights . https://youtu.be/AIRnMh-5IWM

2.Instal the anti-glare screen on your desktop /device,6 simple ways bosses can help iron workplace stress

3.Adjust the brightness setting of display resolution of your workstation. So it gets adjusted as per the light intensity inside and outside the room where you are at work,

4.Take frequent small and strategic breaks from work,

5.Eat thinner food. This will discourage weight gain. Promote easier bloodflow through all veins. Infact the one that supplies blood to the eye,

6.Limit all forms of sugar where cravings starts,

7.Jot down more in between, so the device exposure gets auto-regulated,

IMAGES Talk lesser but Support Better,

8.Befriend and nail those eye rotation exercises anytime and as many times possible,

9.Develop moments to interact across more,

10.Make way if there is inhuman workload,

11.Remember to exercise for easier bloodstream navigation, bodyweight type is preferable,

living your life is of MORE VALUE than the company name and what it pays. And at what cost to your wellness purse ?


P.S. Jobs are ,but human organs are irreplaceable,

PPS: Take your call to action, pack it well,,,no full stops, abundance of commas,,,