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6 simple ways bosses can iron workplace stress

6 Simple ways how bosses can help iron out that commonly felt workplace stress. Thus, they help relate and resonate with their teams upwards and downwards.

1.They are well earthed and grounded.

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de-stress mindfully

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teams stack hands of support

2.Promotes Open door- communication for professional or personal concerns. Accounts ,and recognizes efforts towards improvement. Transparent and impartial in making strengths and weaknesses clear and understood.

3.Your boss disowns and discourages camp based culture. Adding further, the commonplace culture of groupism and like or dislike basis.

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4.They ardently practice the much needed soft skill empathy.

5.Relates to his achievements with gratitude. Sports humane persona as well as productivity orientated.

6.Encourages the team and believes in being well rested.


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