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How do you apply motivation in developing a lecture or orientation session

What a powerful question it was. Yes,the question is this post title .

Value to Impact, Give back first.

As per Steve Jobs while at Apple, he turned the digital flat into a raving market mobile. With three simple words “Help them improve”.

Many say “Keep it simple”.

Before deep-diving into the answer space, let me try to derive the essence of the question.

In developing lectures, live or recorded video type, normally you should run through a number of easily do-able options as follows

Advance study the expected audience

Know what is the spread of their work discipline. The Age range from minimum to maximum. Study well and build a basic directory of their objectives.

Estimate Session dimensions:

Gauge to get and set the breadth and depth of your session accordingly. Accordingly tailor content dimensions and its package recipe.

Snapshot of Impact:

Present an outline of the difference that learners will upon completion of the session. Let learners know how they will stand out from what they were previously themselves..

Dress Compatibly:

Know your audience well. Dress so that it is neither too formal and too informal. Use your experience and mindfulness. Get a realtime feel of their would be tastes. Dress accordingly.

Personal Safety:

Explain the safety features of the property with reference to :

Access and egress,

layout of the property.

Stairs and steps.

Slip and trip hazards.

Objects of hitting against or struck by.

Area Hazards,

Medical aid provisions,

Emergency muster points and more if required.

Give a feed / recap of if any incidents occurred in the past.

Mindful take-off:

Get introductions. Run a brief landing page video of each participant. Of course with their prior consent. Get on with a humble start. Embark with open-ended questions.

Gently build up:

Start with a positive atmosphere. Go on to strike a bond.

Add sufficient number of examples and trendlines. Realtime illustrations will yield better performance trajectory in eyes of the beholders.

. Prime them well:

Share your success, failures, struggles and cakewalks if any.

Put yourself in their shoes .

Try understanding their expectations. Get basic knowledge of their work disciplines . Some of them might have paid with less ease. Maybe some travelled a long distance. Thank all and a bit more for those who took a day off to listen to you.

Touch their hearts :

Try touching their hearts through your work. Include periodic interactive sessions than running a ppt. line by line.

2 way communication.

Add relatable illustrations. Realtime will be welcome and more effective To receive, quicker to relate. Easier to capture. retain.

Insert wisdom quotes (125 plus of my own now and the list is unstoppable).Use quotes that resonate and hit to spike enthusiasm. To animate the message of your content.

Meaningful connections:

Let the participants gain. Let them self-enrich so they can only return. And continue to remain looped as meaningful human connections.

Free resources:

Provide more free resources they just would not expect to receive. Send out those checklists and articles which strengthen their wellness in sustainable mode.


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