Can’t-miss takeaways to raise your Happiness Bar

USP : 😊Smile, it improves Your Face Value

Quote : ESSWG / Self

“Happiness is a Skill,


Exists Tax-Free”.

Meet and Greet:

  • Greet others with a Smile than just as a pinned formality. This is not about those from your surroundings who run away from you early morning with a pre-fed superstition in mind. Social connections play a key role in your day to day lives. They are said to help increase longevity more in these days when most are isolated due to the device immersion they binge on. Research shows large percentage of young workforce is feeling lonely and isolated in the UAE. Possessions bring temporary gratification. The emotional emptiness recovers soon.

Count your blessings:

It looks fairly non-routine to count our blessings every day. We mostly focus on what blessings or good luck we have attracted. We always want luck by our side. We want to be lucky, but we need to do a good lot more to become lucky. Luck favours the doer. Maybe you have given away many things out there with bundle of good wishes enclosed. These are blessings you gave away.

New Soft Skill:

Celebrate success of others, good reason to Smile. BTW this is a new soft skill that many age groups need to learn. As many of us who are suffering from SAD, Stress, Anxiety and Depression disorders revolve merely around their own existence all the while. Envy is the driving agent here. They spend copious amount of time seeing what their self-imposed arch-rivals are doing on the Facebook or Instagram. What next to do to outdo them. Or makes them feel that someone else is outdone today.

Work-Life Balancing Act:

Are you working in a organization that pivots amongst the best in (CSR) corporate social responsibility, and sustainability initiative. Furthermore if it has a robust mental health program in place, it is a go-for lace considering today scenario of common concern among various age groups of the SAD phenomenon. A hub that has low persons leaving, in other works low turnover rate. The company now grows richer as it has to spend very less on recruitment, more retraining. This helps put you in a chance of more frequent raise or a promotion. People will look at your with respect by the top brand you are working with. This adds to your indirect growth as top external talent constantly tries to get into such companies. They bring in novel ideas, they learn here, and this allows overall growth to All in unison. Certain workplaces offer gym memberships at heavily discounted rates.

Mindfulness Approach:

Having a mindful approach to people and situations keeps the sane and wise happier. They know of zero harm to others. They understand the value they add in the actions that are full of awareness and with a humane touch. Just as Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes leads us to realize what the other entity is going through.. Say look at work of the media influencers who sit, collect data and help you save money by their value aided research. To align with tis line you may read through Positive brainers to optimize credit card clicks and get liquid rich. A simple act like not being aware and slamming your door hard when someone else is passing through the accessway outside.

Movement Time:

You are up early in the morning much before the Sun manages to radiate its Gold. alone and first to hit the gym. Taking off on a gentle note. Having your diary and pen with you. I keep it handy during my bodyweight workout. That is the spot where the quotes and ideas surface to me. You set yourself up for some specific Mantras that cater to your needs. According to Wendy Suzuki, refer brain changing benefits of exercise. Exercise first thing first is a gateway for many to steer clear of the much talked about SAD syndrome. Unfortunately ,in my country, India, given to understand that many people start their day with a deep mobile scrolling indulgence. This is a typical pocket for Dopamine drainage.

Pre-dawn Primer:

  • Prime yourself into a positive mindset at start of the day. With image of positive thoughts on growth, happiness, success, joy you are already going through. Yes, let water hydration follow first, before tea and coffee. What about putting tea or coffee cuppa as third in line after as next. . Happy thoughts trigger positive emotions. These bring with them loads of Smiles. Coupled with feeling of deep satisfaction. And creative ideas start to make inflow then as well. Great ideas strike me when I am amidst my exercises, a dopamine sustained cold water shower , or writing my journal pages. The habit to start with primer smile in the mornings talk a good deal on how the formative years have been. It reflects what the internal wiring is about.

Impact of Affirmations:

  • Post your favorite quotes alias Affirmations as wallpaper of your device. Change them often to recharge your batteries on and ON (no way OFF). Paste /or on your dental hygiene washbasin, or your desktop screen. When you sink down your head in your daily peek on online earnings uphill trajectory. Graphs, pie charts and linear histograms , all there to serve you, hands-on, at arms distance away. Wouldn’t it be great if you write your own affirmations using internet. Key is repeating to yourself with single minded drive to convert your constant internal visualization into external reality.

Gratitude Showers:

  • Sink in Gratitude catchment . Unfold the taste of every tea/coffee cup and meal with a smile. Feel mounds of value with profound gratitude that the Divine source of Energy and the Universe is showering on you relentlessly. Taking Shower for few more seconds with that small pre-dawn prayer of yours can instal your energy soaked rhythm for the day. Flexible like water and still powerful to deliver when required. Writing few notes of gratitude a day, helps keeps vices unpleasant away. As here you just whitewash the earlier displeasing slime put of the clean surface underneath it. Get your hands on Bittersweet reasons why GraTitUde underscores online all for free.

Nature’s Basket:

  • Appreciate change of season as a Divine gift, and a good reason to smile . Fall of old leaves .Or a new flower bloomed in your home backyard garden. Some celebrity nutritionists say eat 2 to 3 fruits per day. That is good idea. Even if you eat few pieces of diverse fruits per day, you provide NECTAR to your GASTRIC Zone. Natural sweetness the fruits have. Furthermore, Cherry on the Cake if you are fortunate to get them seasonal.

Thank Failures:

  • Embrace and thank failures, with a smile, for they showed up to turn us more resilient. In face of unexpected adversities. Every failure is a bundle of lessons provide it is dissected and analyzed post occurrence with open mind. Just as a audit is about fact finding than fault finding. The thing here is Judgment should not be involved. Or it weakens your ability to reach the bottom line of fact finding. This is where your optimism and resilience comes into play. Refer work of Angela Duckworth for learning techniques to build resilience. Rejection empower with a renewed stock of Gut and resilience. To spring back with wiser outlook to things as compared to earlier.

Ego Giveaway:

  • Distill off Ego. Helps you stay earthed. Ego creates barriers and stunts growth. Inhibits from expanding knowledge, leads to false self-obsession, weans one away from authenticity. At times, turns some into false perception of WRAM-World Revolves Around Me. Letting Go the past haulage brings lot of relief from despair and dejection. Disowning ego presents opportunities by keeping a open state of mind. Reduction of ego helps unchain you of self imposed perception. Just as breaking Ice opens fresh avenues of information and feedback.

Nostalgia Throwback:

  • Deck up all nostalgia with a smile. Not all nostalgia makes you sad. A habit of recalling happy events can make you laugh when you are all alone by yourself. Positive nostalgia promotes happiness, bonds previous colleagues, fosters joint forward thinking, and weakens barriers. Recollect past achievements and being in awe of your skills that lay within yo uncovered upto today.

Journaling Goodness:

  • Conserve a diary of your best experiences, so you can always recall when alone ,a SMILE. Writing a page of gratitude daily is a great antidot from abundance of toxicity. It is sufficient to transfer you from a zone of distress and dejection into a welcoming realm of happiness and joy.

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