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Power Moves Successful People Resonate By

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Rise Early

They rise early before the sun. This is head-on hour for them. To prime. To take and make the day.

Hydrate Well

Understanding the life science, they hydrate well. Whatever the choice maybe, cold water or warm water. Warm is preferred by many today. For it clears off the digestive and intestinal channels well.

They move

They opt for any of the forms of movement of their choice. Swimming, walking, gymming, jogging, sprinting or martial arts. For it gives them better air change and preps the stress level to lowest for taking over the happiness and challenges the day has in store to offer.To make it amenable to apply, here are 10-tips-by-robin-sharma-to-live-life-to-the-fullest (taken from Times of India).

Eat Mindfully

Mindful means food less starchy, foods more rich with antioxidants and fibre. So they say eat the green first. These act as Gut layers for smart initial protection . Say eating the rainbow. Veggies and fruits that release natural juices than the sweetened ones.

Donate Generously

They donate generously to communities when these are in trouble. Say during pandemics, or when an employee is under family pressure. They are empathy ambassadors and all the great work on human cause is done with no extra noise made. They understand well but continue to dwell with humility on Bittersweet reasons.

Spend Frugally

They spend on learning. Less on splurging only because the neighbor or colleague is doing it. They run their routine expenses on [passive income returns .And spend from capital gains they earn. Some unaware persons spend their monthly earnings on expenses that were unwanted. No lottery tickets, bank late fees, processed food obsession in malls with chemical sweetener taste on it. Frequent home decor or for that matter frequent reinvention of automobile.

Stay Calm Amid Storm

There could be a possible fall in market trend and fall in their stocks portfolio. They stay as if nothing has happened and opt for alternatives to recover. They don’t hesitate to outsource on agencies that are proven experts in this field.

Judiciously Manage Energy

Taking frequent breaks from work. When to focus and when to detach is what they know well. They know how to manage their emotions.

Invest Wisely

Not spending for every new thing or automobile that shoes up in the market. Every time a device is upgraded and rushing to spend extra to possess. For that imaginary status in their peer group. Rather than flying executive class they mostly prefer the Economy route. A simple form of Uber than a luxury Sedan unless it is a memory to restore.

Talk High Level:

They don’t nurture camp culture. Neither Gaslighting tools .Nor gossip potions. They sink in what looks classy to them either or professional or personal front. This becomes one more reason to Know why COOL leaders crave no title

Outsource Menial:

Menial works that require lot of time to accomplish are outsourced. Say bulk printing or scanning of documents. Cleaning up the whole house or so.

Message vs Call

Messaging is a art. A smart message does a lot more in less time than a long call. Also saves time on either sides and of course the health hazardous effect it brings alongwith.

Detach Quickly

Do your thing and leave. Strings attached weakens your powers to clearly analyze and move forward on your goals.Buy and forget. A recent interview of a celebrity where he shares that he detaches from properties, projects and people quickly.

Ask Help

They ask for help from family members or staff when required.Here small element ego may make a difference of millions.They well know that Time is more important than Money.

Pray Yes

They pray to God, or the Divine Source of Energy. They have bent towards Spirituality. This is discussed in the book 7 Habits of highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

Predict Trends

They are able to foresee trends in next decade time. They say Bullish or Bearish. So they make investments and arrangements accordingly.

Move than TV

They prefer to read books and / or move (any chosen form of exercise) than binge on TV and the rays it presents on human health and brain.

Value Time

They leave when they see the design task is put through. There is not time to waste until of sufficient purpose to hold on. Get to know on Habits that destroy

Keep Learning

They take courses, subscribe to knowledge domains, attend seminars, and workshops. Pay generously for talks or audits. Book speakers where there is need to rev. up their staff motivation level.

Sleep Well

With a properly designed pre-sleep method, they gently surrender to the high secretion of melatonin. This is a well laid routine with steps taken on various fronts to discourage excess digital immersion.

Meditate Timely

They find time to meditate. One can just sink in meditate in a public transport, car, tube, or while at work as well. Meditation has turned some podcasters into millionaires today.

Live on passive income

They meet their regular expenses on passive income streams than on direct earnings. The income streams are commonly many. Each stream allows liquid gold to trickle in regularly. Say subscriptions, affiliate marketing, writing high level guest posts and so forth.

Use debit than credit card

This involves use of relentless drive to practice and conquer over non use of credit cards. Warren Buffer recently ascertained it as one of the top reasons which keeps people poor. Credit card gives happy on surface (sweet topped ) upgrades with nice underlying layer of hidden costs. Also it luxuriates on your pressing intention to use less of cash and rampant tendency to postpone when it comes to payment. Forget and pay double then.

Say No Often

Dont say Yes to please. Avoid unwanted haulage later.In some events it is good to say I dont want it or polite, I am not interested.

Focus than Graze

An hour of more deep focus generates whopping results.

Complain Seldom:

They hardly complaint, And find their way out smartly. By themselves, or by resource use.

Impact than Value:

They constantly seek Active Feedback of their activities, products and services from clients. It is not the cost of the service or product but the helpful aftermath of the event that drives them to invest in your product.

Empathize with Needy:

They micro-optimize for good of their teams and near ones when emotional approach dictates. As and when applicable, they are ready with hands-on to provide help to their resource ,whether own employee or the outsourced individual.

Isolate than Gossip:

Rather than swimming in a whirlpool of intoxicated Gossip catchment, they rather tactically stay away and remain silent isolation.

Emotional Intelligence Fountainheads :

Doing right emotion at right time. If you are needy they will provide you an extra water bottle on your vehicle seat handrest if you are injured or in distress. Their neuroplasticity keeps them grounded and their flight to success was mostly not out of fancy, resilience and a outcome of their internal wiring gained over the years of work involvement. So they record and treat failures probably as vital as Success or more than it.

Avoid Following Masses:

Staying gracefully original and aloof. In a naïve manner, they stand by their own choices than following the masses.

Love Nature:

They like to take breaks and disappear into deep forests. Some frequent hills more commonly.

Listen to Understand:

Out of Responsible Care, they make genuine efforts to understand your perspective in a conversation. Than many who are waiting to barge in with their part of talk by overlapping on yours or immediately boomerang with their pent up stock of talk-athon.

Keep patience:

They have mastered that Art of Patience over the years. Before turning successful. They know and inherently posses Patience therefore,

Grudges No-No:

They don’t allow negative emotions like old grudges to outweigh them. As old haulage drains creative energies and negatively impacts overall growth in all spheres of life. These business icons are living examples of how to LIVE-Your-LIFE-Comparison-Maximize


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