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Overcome mobile scrolling and sleep like a baby

By Surjit S

Quote – Don’t criticize what you don’t understand-Bob Dylan

Get on with either or several of these to cut down on device scrolling and sleep like a baby.


Requires minimum resource investment. Start scribbling first and then stay addicted to it,Ways journaling sharpens your online business

Energizer Affirmations

Smart Goal Strategy:

Dissect them better, ace them taller. Design them, and keep infected renewing them,


Listen to tunes that put you in flow state of rest. Opt for instrumental meditation tunes or those by famous artists.

Your distractions :

Identify them, enlist them and put them parked by treating them,

Family Time :

Instal a family talk slot everyday.01 hour before your sleep time.This auto-enables distancing from mobile scrolling.

Life design:

Keep it natural, practicable and organic,

Sleep forte :

To sleep like a baby, exert little more, be a bit more tired everyday,

Pro-caffeination Pangs:

Vortex the tendencies to pro-caffeinate in excess and ground them to bottom of the cone, enrich your wellness funnel. 16 quick bites to amplify your emotional fitness pitch

Stress Baggage:

Settle emotional haulage of the day, have minimal leftovers

Remote Work:

Better no-no than less healthier benefits,


Filter to select suitable ones, and apply them generously,

Device Invasion:

Use them and not get used by them,

Mobility blues:

Move more well, build more on agility,

Gratitude Stories:

Write them regular, vibrate around abundance

Self-Care :

Trim sleep quality and duration woes,

Call Schedule:

No work or personal calling tunes at pre-sleep


Comfort zone traps, have backup plan ready,

Time weightage:

Yours and value of others, time is a


Zones to detach as early as possible

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Overcome mobile scrolling and sleep like a baby


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