People Well being Uplift

Evident signs you’re up for Digital Detox

USP : Use the device, don’t get used by it.

Getting tired soon:

Lessened stamina and lower energy level on regular basis. You get tired soon.

Poor temperament:

Fight or flight situation becomes second nature. Less patience to hear out. Less time to fully listen and process. More rush to assume. It becomes an auto-pilot. You quickly become irritable. There is absence of flow state. Finding it hard to concentrate.

Lack-lustre skin:

Skin looks with lessened shine. Eyes sport darkness in their sockets.

Daily chores:

Gone for a toss and you look out of the world.

Sleep disorders:

Disturbed sleep pattern die to prolonged device over-use.

Self esteem :

Fallen self esteem. Due to invasion of stress and anxiety.

Core values:

Are your own core values listed out.Are they being renewed with changing work and life scenario.

Poor Time Management:

You have lost importance of your own Time.

Appearance Marred:

You love yourself less on score of appearance and grooming. Early aging onset.

Bio-markers readings:

Your health metric indicates health markers nearing to their maximum safe limits in certain parameters. Indicative of poor ramp-up on sit-stand work and movement regime.

Personal development:

Shifted on lowermost rung of growth spiral. No soft skills to add. Offline ground games and sports are out of the bucket.

Talk quality:

If you have been learning AI or ML, it is fine and if only INSTA reel gamut, then the quality of thought and talk are on a spin for a downslide trajectory.

Mindfulness dip:

Due to continuous insulation by up for grab after every few minutes, mindfulness starts taking a beating. A considerate mindset now becomes a secondary priority.

Learning curve downslide:

Curiosity taken good beating and so no questions asked. Cutting down all communication with family and close knit persons.

Emulate than original:

Gradually turning into ardent FOLLOWER Club than CREATOR club.

Wrap Up Notes: live your life



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