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Say you have a successful online business. Today is your day to release that weekly post.By hit of a button. And you are on a planned holiday. The wifi suddenly gives away. Follow these mindful hacks if you loose WI-fI connectivity all of a sudden, https://letsreachsuccess.teachable.com/p/fearless-content/?affcode=213896_u__dpflo

Go to check your router connections. Check network diagnostics.

Check if you are temporarily disconnected due to less in-device battery energy.

Is there a partial power cut in the mains.

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There could be power step-down and you have mains supply on single phase.

You just need to switch off and restart the system to rev it up.


Carry your back up pen-drive. Say the portable internet vestibule with you.

Check if you are back from a flight. And are still on airplane mode.Exclusives to consider for your frequent flight selection

Check network cables if they are connected.

Confirm if your current work zone has strong signal of WI fi by design.

Or then go to reset your network.

Check ethernet.

Check bluetooth one by one if you are a novice.

Check all adaptors.

Call up the IT server helpdesk and get feedback.

With courage, it will restart.And bring your Wi Fi energy level to its own vigour.

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