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Top productivity takeaways for Mompreneurs

In quoting others , we cite ourselves-

Julio Cortazar

Smart Investment:

Bring home some animated toys that will engage the child, transform-your-space-into-a-super-productive-wfh-bubble/

Educational aid:

Get posters of animals such as dog, cats, horse, elephant.

Work-parenting woes :

You know the time to feed. So schedule this well. It will save you time and the child much rockier. Here you again score big on your WHF focus.

Ideation pays :

Record and play soothing tunes, rhymes. Play these periodically using a pre-set mode.

Productivity Icing :

Use external links where possible to get updates and knowledge on your subject letsreachsuccess.com/finsavvy-panda-interview/.This link will leave your richer on ideas and add clarity to your growth roadmap.(Source : from weekly newsletter of Lydia K).

Be the vocalist:

Record your voice on audio with most likeable words that you use to call the kid. Ones that bond you both the best. Play it at frequency so that the live connection is regularly established.

Memorize and belt out some self made rhymes intermittently,

Creative push :

Show your child the image of candy, or ice creams. Let it taste these regularly as well. Play cartoon movies. Tom and Jerry or Disney are good choices to keep the toddler busy and cheerful. Indian choices of Bheem or Motu Patlu can wreak joyful havoc as well. Record sounds of child and mother equation chill sessions. Play it to develop a emotionally intelligent ambience.

Scatter the toys:

This will engage the kid more. It will have to reach them at different spots. So the curiosity will add to engagement here..

Be the confectioner:

Keep cakes or candies in hand. At arms distance away.

Artificial Intelligence:

Take help of Alexa in some way .You have to devise the way. Prime your toddler to these series of events. It will vibrate around these positive energy goodies everyday.

Real Mindfulness:

Do not leave metal or heavy objects loose at height. They may fall and cause harm. Keep hot surfaces or utensils away. Away from reach of the curious kid.

Props in Use:

Use of props such as engaging visuals, tunes, animated toys, energizing music ,cartoon movies can help you spike your WFH experience to better level. LIVE_YOUR_LIFE_DUMP_COMPARISON_MAXIMIZE_IMPACT

Audio as Aid:

Record your voice on the audio mode with words most attractive to your toddler. Ones that bond with you the best. Play these recordings at a pre-set frequency so that the live connection is consistently kept afresh and original.

Overhead Stowage:

Avoid storage of heavy objects loosely overhead. So nothings falls and scares the child. Also this shows Responsible Care and negates any chance of injury.

Hot surfaces:

Do not leave any hot heaters of surfaces at reachable level. So curiosity does not cause trauma here.

Clocks and Cuckoos:

Get clocks that give happy alarm sounds intermittently. Preferably, use ones with a cuckoo bird. To amaze and amuse your kid. This will gift your toddler random bursts of joy. As well, allow good time to focus on your priorities from WFH standpoint.

Get Help:

Resort to external help if possible.

Wrap Up Notes :

Safe WFH is endless journey

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